More Than Three Final Answers

May 19, 2015

When does code you create become copyrighted?

As soon as it is fixed in a tangible medium.

If you could wave a magic wand, and open source any piece of proprietary software, what software would you choose?


If the software above was open sourced, would it’s company remain stable? How would the company continue to make money?

Yeah, by selling support, custom hardware, and services/other software which tie into it.

What do you feel like was the most beneficial thing to learn in the class?

The ridiculousness of copyright and software patent laws, and their encumbering of innovation.

Explain the some of the motivations a company may have to open source software?

Helps them make sure their software is bug-free, outsources some labor, and it’s great PR!

Are there any changes you would suggest making to the profile template? What parts did you find most interesting or important?

Tailoring them specifically to the type of entity being profiled.

If you could have spent more time, say an extra week, on any topic, which would you have liked to cover more in depth?

Creating our own open-source company (as a group project).

Why are you using license insert license X here for your open source project?

MIT. For the free spread of knowledge to anyone, without restriction.

If you would suggest a video to be watched as part of this course, what would it be?

Richard Stallman eats something… (NSFL)

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