My portfolio is divided into the areas I specialize in—Web, Interactive, Video, Image, and Mobile. These portfolio pieces include professional work, school (college and high school) projects, and things I’ve done just for fun! Click the red button to go to that area of the portfolio. From there you’ll be able to explore my pieces and come back.

ImageSee Image Portfolio

Digital photography and image manipulation is a powerful tool which I greatly enjoy. Using both vector and raster graphics, I create compositions for various purposes—see them in here.

InteractiveSee Interactive Portfolio

A large part of my college degree involves creating interactive experiences. In this section are all of the interactive programs and demos I have created. These are Flash-based.

MobileSee Mobile Portfolio

I've been gravitating towards mobile development because of the unique constraints and affordances of the platform. So far I've only developed for Android, and this section contains my apps!

WebSee Web Portfolio

I have been creating websites since my age consisted of a single digit. It is both a hobby and an occupation for me. In here you'll find all the sites I have published since I was in high school.