Even Their Financial Documents Are Free (Team Proposal)

March 18, 2015

Team Proposal

List your other team members below

Name email
Chris Knepper chris82thekid (at) gmail.com
Joe Trotta 42istheanswer.whatsthequestion (at) gmail.com
Derin Yarsuvat misterberu (at) gmail.com
Brian Escriche bke2759 (at) rit.edu
Michael Tubinis mst6119 (at) rit.edu

Which Entity did your team choose to profile?

Free Software Foundation

Description of the Organization?

The FSF advocates for free software and user freedom. They also sponsor free software projects.

Description of the project?

Coreboot is an FSF “High Priority Project” that aims to replace the proprietary BIOS present in most computers.

Describe each team member’s role?

All group members assist with research, compilation of information, and presentation production.

Organization/Project Source Code Repository URL?

Git Gerrit Code Review

What do you anticipate the easy parts will be?

  • Gathering information on the FSF itself, which seems quite open and navigable.

What do you anticipate the hard parts will be?

  • Accurately describing the relationship between the FSF and its various sponsored projects.

How will you overcome both?

Through the wide variety of free information available about both the organization and project, as well as connections to their community (IRC, email, etc…)

If something goes wrong, what contingencies do you have in place?

Ask for help in IRC.

When will your group meet regularly outside of class time?

Any day we don’t have class (Monday/Wednesday/Friday), as well as virtually through the internets.

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