Homestretch Runner

May 15, 2014

RIT, like many other universities, sets aside a day for its students to prepare for final exams.
Reading day, possibly known in español as “día de leer,” relieves most students of lecture/lab duties for the day. But sometimes, we need more time to prepare. And buffalo chicken pizza. And music.

Enter the Homestretch Hackathon, an event that was held yesterday from 6:30PM to “???” in the MAGIC Center here at RIT. The premise was to catch-up on work with 30 or so fellow coders. This alone made it worth attending, but the inclusion of free pizza/drinks/dessert sealed the deal. I spent the evening debugging JavaScript for my In-Glass app, pushing commits with Git, and bumping beats via plug.dj, a current-day reincarnation of the sadly-deceased turntable.fm. It was awesome and productive.

As for the pizza, a decadent offering included buffalo chicken pizza sauced with bleu cheese, traditional pepperoni, plain cheese, and even a vegan option. Personally, I think veganism is incredibly stupid (primarily because meat is delicious, and secondarily because of these things), but everyone deserves pizza!

Because of the work done at HSH, I was able to use reading day to relax. And longboard. Longboarding rules.

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