RocPy + PyCon = 6.28

April 17, 2014

A lot of people like Python. It’s a versatile language. It can be used to write for many platforms. It has an easy-to-use package distribution system. It is used at RIT in many curricula, including Computer Science. It powers YouTube, Instagram, and Meetup.

There are developer conferences and group meetings large and small, local and national, dedicated to this wonder of indentation. This week, two of them coincided: RocPy, a monthly gathering of 585-area Pythonistas at the University of Rochester and PyCon,  an annual conference which was held in Montreal, Quebec this year.

Remy DeCausemaker, an RIT professor with the FOSSbox at RIT, was lucky enough to attend PyCon. Even luckier, he held a live teleconference with us Rochesterians at RocPy:


RocPy is always a great learning and social experience. The connection to something the magnitude of PyCon is even greater.

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