Advanced FOSS Project 2 Proposal

March 20, 2014

Title of Hack


Short Description of Hack

Web-based temperature monitoring using Python, JavaScript, some computer running Linux (i.e. Raspberry Pi) and a USB thermometer.

Software Libraries Needed

Flask, libtemperd

Upstream Distribution Repository

PyPI, GitHub

Open Hardware Needed

Temper USB Thermometer

Team Members

Dustin Raimondi
Lance Laughlin
Chris Knepper

All team members will be contributing to development, design, and documentation.

Project Milestones

Milestone 1: Skeleton Flask app that outputs dummy temperature value

Milestone 2: Reading temperature from device and displaying with basic history on web page

Milestone 3: Store temperature history on back-end and customize display on front-end

Stretch: Handle multiple devices connected to the same computer.

Other Details

Mentor: threebean (What a cool dude!)

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