Advanced FOSS Project 1 Proposal

February 15, 2014

Title of Hack


Short Description of Hack

Rates wallpapers based on a variety of criteria

Software Libraries Needed (e.g. python packages, npm, ruby gems, etc…)

PIL – load local images and manipulate pixels
requests – load images from URL
xlib – get screen information via x session

Upstream Distribution Repository (e.g. pypi.python.org)

PyPI, GitHub

Open Hardware Needed


Team Members (if Applicable. With Roles)

Dustin Raimondi (Developer)
Lance Laughlin (Developer)
Chris Knepper (Developer)

Project Milestones (REMEMBER You only have 2 weeks of development!)

load an image from a local source
pull metadata from image

pull various pixel data from image
fill in gaps in metadata
overall color temperature

algorithmically calculate image score
load an image from the web
verbose mode
process a folder of images

Any other details I should know

Mentor: threebean

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