XOPC Team Proposal

October 9, 2013

Team Proposal

List your other team members below

Name email
Lance Laughlin truncated
Chris Knepper truncated
Valerie Magri truncated
John Savage truncated
Mike Nolan truncated
Brendan George truncated

Which project did your team choose?

We have decided to start a new project. We have a large-enough team that we should be able to create an original game.

The learning goal is to teach children fractions, specifically arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division).

2-liner description of the project?

Description Ideas:

  • The game uses rocket fuel and space objects to teach fraction math through mixing and blasting. There is a level system, with progression being the rocket getting higher and higher (i.e. from the ground to space).
  • The game assigns fraction values to objects like rocket fuels and asteroids, moons, etc… e.g. displaying equal proportional fractions and having the player pick the correct one.

Specific Gameplay Elements:

  • Player starts at start screen
  • First level shows container in the middle (big on screen)
  • Smaller containers, increasing in quantity as level increases
  • Some fraction full of liquid
  • “Click-and-drag” (click to select, click again to place) to transfer liquid to big container
  • Must correctly use ratios and other fraction operations to fill container correctly
  • A reset button exists and a complete button to check the answer
  • Advancing levels correctly shows the rocket getting higher in the sky (launching, climbing, etc…)


  • Math Blasternauts
  • ???

What will each team member’s role be?

Name Role
Lance Laughlin Programmer and Interaction Designer
Chris Knepper Programmer and Interaction Designer
Valerie Magri Programmer and Interaction Designer
John Savage Programmer and Quality Assurance
Mike Nolan Programmer and Quality Assurance
Brendan George Artist, Public Relations, and Interaction Designer

Source Code Repository URL?

XO Fractions Game Repo

Commarch Assessment

Skytime Commarch

List your upstream Mentor’s below:

Name email
Remy Decausemaker truncated
David Wilson truncated
Ryan Stush truncated
Wade Brainerd* http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/User:Wade

*Awaiting reply

How will you communicate with them? (i.e. IRC Channel, Email Addresss, mail lists, issue trackers, etc…)

We will communicate via IRC (#rit-foss @ freenode), email, and talking IRL (since we see them quite a bit!)

What are the easy parts?

  • Creating art
  • Writing a story
  • Brainstorming gameplay features

What are the hard parts?

  • Understanding Pygame and getting OLPC software set up
  • Manging assignments for team members
  • Balancing features with performance

How will you overcome both?


  • WEEK 0: Getting container filled
  • WEEK 1(end): Get base hello world app running
  • WEEK 2: Get main menu working
  • WEEK 4: Have basic game prototype with one or two questions
  • WEEK 5: Have art implemented.
  • WEEK 6: Have all questions implemented
  • WEEK 7: Panic and debug/polish

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