XOPC Smoke Test

October 17, 2013

People are obsessed with testing. Testing everything. People, animals, food, cars. Everything is subject to immense testing. Computers being no exception, my team ran a battery of tests on the lovely XO-PC for which we are creating an educational game.

The tests went well…mostly. The XOPC, being designed for emerging markets, wasn’t created with Wifi as a priority. It is entirely possible to connect to Wifi networks, but because RIT’s networks use enterprise authentication, connecting requires some bash/zsh trickery. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to complete the Internet connection test or the tests that depend on it. We have a feeling that we’ll be able to connect when we get the script.

The test showed the actual power of the XOPC. Despite the limited hardware, the laptop has no problem running multiple programs (“Activities”) and being relatively smooth. The team is excited to begin development and we can’t wait to make a cool game!

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